John Pilger confirms multiple RFK shooters

John Pilger was present at the Ambassador hotel when RFK was shot. He discusses being told of a ‘funny looking guy’ present, who turned out to be Sirhan Sirhan. Shane O’Sullivan’s ‘RFK must die‘ is featured.

John Pilger said that he heard shots after Sirhan had been tackled to the ground. He bore witness to the actual shooting.

He discusses his recollections on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. “There was another assassin, or there were several assassins”, he thought that he may have seen the woman in the polka dot dress.

It is good to see coverage of this case on independent liberal media in the U.S.

Democracy Now! had some good features on the Martin Luther King assassination, and it is reassuring to see that they are giving publicity to the existence of a conspiracy in this case. Momentum appears to be building, hopefully we can capitalize upon it by reaping some form of justice.



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