Letter to the editor

Here is a letter to the editor from long time COPA member Susan McLucas to the Boston Globe in light of their publishing of an article by Priscilla Johnson McMillan.

Dear Editors,
I was very surprised to see the editorial by Priscilla Johnson McMillan in the Globe June 4. Any student of the first Kennedy assassination knows that she was one of the handlers of Lee Harvey Oswald, the person who is commonly considered to be the killer of President John Kennedy. McMillan, who worked for the North American News Alliance, a front for British and American intelligence, helped establish Oswald’s status as a defector, an important element in the effort to frame him for Kennedy’s killing. In documents released as a result of the JFK Assassination Records Release Act, it came out that she was a “witting asset of the CIA.” You may remember that in the 70’s, the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that there was probably a conspiracy in the assassination of Kennedy, but the government has never seen fit to follow up on this very interesting open question.

Similarly, the killing of Martin Luther King is not clearly the work of James Earl Ray, the drifter ex-con who is normally considered the assassin. In 1999 the King family helped Ray conduct a civil lawsuit which concluded that he was not King’s killer. So, in your editorial, you have one of the people involved in the cover-up of the killing of JFK writing about the motivations of people who were not even the killers in question. Not very useful, I would say.
If you’d like to get some real information about the crucial assassinations of the 1960’s, tune in to the 40th anniversary conference in Los Angeles of the Robert Kennedy assassination this week-end. It is being organized by the Coalition on Political Assassinations and much, if not all of it, will be shown on their website, http://www.PoliticalAssassinations.com. They will be reviewing the well-known evidence in this case – the fact that more bullets were fired than would fit in Sirhan Sirhan’s gun and that the bullet that killed RFK was shot at point blank range from the rear, whereas Sirhan was always in front of Kennedy – and also presenting newly released information.
History is hard to understand in the best of circumstances. When people who are actively trying to confuse the public are given space in reputable newspapers, it is even more difficult.
Susan McLucas
Citizens Action Team


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