Assassin offered $25 million to kill Hugo Chavez

Al Jazeera English have screened footage of a Colombian man who claims to have been offered $25 million in 1999 by businessman Manuel Rosales. Colombian paramilitary forces were also present at the meeting.

Rosales would not be personally paying the bounty out of his own money, but was rather the one to make payment, presumably as a bag man for other co-conspirators.

The paramilitary force took up the offer. In 2004 100 Colombian paramilitaries were arrested outside Caracas.

The Colombian man is being interviewed by the Colombian attorney general, as he is held as a member of the paramilitary group.

Rosales now lives in Chile following corruption charges leveled against him in Venezuela.

The interviewee claims there are 2500 Colombian paramilitaries now inside Venezuela ‘with the objective of taking down Chavez’.


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